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Two years ago he rode from coast to coast in the United States. Lastyear, the Stockholm-Crete. Now Aiming comedian Måns Möller Against the Guinness Book of Records.
In the middle of May begins the journey toward Becoming the fastest ever to cross Europe by bike.
- The driving force is to discover what is behind the next hill, he says to Cykla.se.

Måns Möller is one of Sweden's most famous comedian. But That part of his life has recently been standing aside. Instead, lectures, entrepreneurship and, not least, the training stood at the top of the agenda. Most favor of Viggo Foundation - a foundation That Måns have started and Which help to enable children with neuropsychiatric disorders.
- It is given a great sense of life. At the moment the comedy down there, I work mostly with the foundation. Right now I'm heading up to the mountains to teach disabled children to ski, for example, says Måns Möller.

It is overpriced for Viggo Foundation, he and his partner Christer Skog, including forms coach of the Swedish national team on cross-country skis, doing Their adventures.
- Without That purpose, we had never done this, but then there are many other things too. The great thing about cycling Is that you end up in places and meet people you never would have met otherwise, says Måns Möller and Continues:
- Since it is nice to just relax everything down sometimes. Now all you connected all the time, the constant ping, then I think there is a need to go into yourself, just be quiet and pedaling.

There They learn to do in the early summer When the record attempt takes place. For 30 days They Get from Ufa in the Russian Urals to Cabo da Roca at the portugiska coast. A stretch of 600 mil.
- Well, how the hell are we going to solve this, says Måns laughing.

Besides Mans is so clear even his adventures crony Christer Forest with. In addition, the two filled the team with a few more people - and competencies.
- As the runners can Christer this to navigate. Since we had to have someone who is good at Mecca, a doctor and a masseur.
The roles have been filled by enduro driver Bjorn Gebenius, who are good at taking care of the bikes, the doctor Tony Duberg and masseuse Anders Forselius. The latters willalso run its escort.
Then there is another person in the group. Helmy Elsaeed - author of the record attempt.
- He's a crazy ensamcyklare from Egypt, Who has made Numerous trips over the years. But he wanted a new challenge and get to the Olympics. Then he Began to Consider how he Could most moonrise get there and came to the conclusion That the Egyptians probably were on cross country skis. So he Googled the coach who has been Responsible for most national team and that's Christer Skog.

Said and done. Now Helmy Elsaeed Christer as cross country coach, but They Should Also fix a new world record on a bike together.
Now wait a few months before the trip wears off. And Måns Möller know exactly what That time will Consist of.
- First, I started to lose weight Because it's good to lose weight. Then I'll have to work out, and I've actually got going and cycled 100 mil in January. You must have many hours on the bike to Banja body.

With the experience of the previous cycle adventures, he finns knows the importance of good tactics.
- You must not go out too hard. When the handle is not the next day. That's the trick, to stay in the correct heart rate zone all the time.

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